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What is Ingress?

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The Enlightened seek to advance the knowledge and the civilizations of humanity to the next level. We belive that we have been aided in our advancement from simple tool users to the primary species in the planet due to the influence of an unknown force dubbed The Shapers. We believe the Shapers influence our knowledge and creativity by means of a mysterious energy known as Exotic Matter which is spread on Earth through portals, and we, the Enlightened, seek to spread the influence of Exotic Matter or XM, for the benefit of mankind.

Opposing these efforts are a group calling themselves the resistance.

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13Magnus Reawakens


Sun dawned on the southern coast of the island of Sri Lanka on Saturday 23rd and in the colonial fort of Galle, a spectacle of epic proportions was to be held in the Fort of Galle, built by the Dutch in the Early modern period.

Agents from Enlightened and the Resistance descended on the city filled with hopes and dreams of making the world a better place for their faction. And the enlightened emerged not only victorious, but utterly annihilated the resistance in a show of complete and utter dominance with a final score of ENL 220.85 - RES 79.15

Check out the situation report on G+: [#13MagnusReawakens]

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Obsidian | 2016


The Biggest Ingress event ever to hit the sandy shores of the Serendib Isle was just concluded as Colombo played host to a Satellite Site along with Go-Ruck events.

Enlightened agents won the Stealth Ops battle 3-1 and swept the Urban Ops 4-0, prompting the official Go-Ruck summary to read "The Resistance never stood a chance."

The battles during the cluster measurements were intense and fierce, but the Enlightened emerged dominant at the end of the day, scoring close to double the points collected by the opposition.

Big contributions came in from our neighbours Enlightened Maldives, India, and global intel operators, and the huge, huge impact by the Go-Ruck teams meant the official scoreline read Colombo: ENL 426 - RES 240

Check out the situation report on G+: [#ObsidianColombo]

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